Welcome to Austria!

Photo: Castle ground Schönbrunn with Gloriette. Gently rising hill with grass and lined up trees. On the hilltop is a building with eleven circular arches: the Gloriette. In front of the building is a group of people.

Your origin is a country outside of the European Economic Area and Switzerland and you have decided to settle in Austria. We are happy about your interest in our country and extend a warm welcome to you.

You need to know some basic information and certain important rules about Austria in order to have a good start here. We want to introduce you to these rules, as well as other relevant information, on this website.

FS Easy Way: Your easy way to essential information.

fs-easyway.at informs you about the following topics: work, health, education, social affairs, accommodation and authorities. The section knowledge and values informs you about important moral concepts and democratic ideals of the Austrian society and you can also find helpful advice for your process of integration.

You need to handle some important matters after your arrival in Austria. Please inform yourself about the first basic steps here.

Read more about the project Easy Way and the association Fair und Sensibel Österreich.

If you have further questions please write an email to the association Fair und Sensibel Österreich: office@fairundsensibel.at.

Image: Capital letters OIF in black colour. Above the letter O are three horizontal bars in red, white and red. Next to the letters the words Österreichischer (Austrian), Integration (integration) and Fonds (fund) are printed underneath each other.

Red square and inside is the white outline of five people. Next to the square is the text “bmask” in red letters. Underneath the text are the words “Bundesministerium für Arbeit, Soziales und Konsumentenschutz” in grey letters.

Text in grey letters: BM.I, underneath also in grey letters: Bundesministerium für Inneres (Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs). Above this text is an image of a grey eagle with a red-white-red coloured emblem in front of its chest.

A rectangular shape. In the upper part of the image is a red rose on a green background. Underneath it is a black background with the text: Fair & Sensibel Österreich in yellow, orange and white letters. Next to it the Austrian flag.

Recumbent drum in brown colours. In front of it is a clef with four notes in black colour. Underneath it is the text “Ghana Minstrel Choir” in golden colour.