Driving licence

Image: A car’s steering wheel and a motocycle’s handlebar are depicted.

Re-registration of driving licence

In the course of six months after settling in Austria for the first time, third-country nationals must re-register their driving licence to an Austrian document. The foreign driving licence must be valid.

Additionally, third-country nationals must do a practical driving test. However, there are exceptions for this regulation.


You need to submit an application for the re-registration at the competent government agency.

These government agencies are established in varying authorities. In cities with a federal police headquarters, this is the competent authority (an exception is Bregenz). Otherwise, the competent government agency is the district commission or, in cities with separate bylaw, the municipal authority.

Prerequisites for a re-registration

  • Main residence in Austria
  • Verification that the applicant lived at least six months in the country, in which the foreign driving licence was issued.This verification is not necessary, if the holder of the driving licence is a citizen of the issuing state.

Necessary documents for the re-registration

  • Application form
  • Medical estimate
  • Translation of the driving licence (necessary for all states)
  • Passport
  • Driving licence
  • Certificate of registration
  • Passport photo
  • Examination papers

Source: BM.I/Police